Stretch, strengthen and move your body with me for better mental health and
emotional well being!


Weekly MIXED YOGA CLASSES at the YMCA of Honolulu in Nuuanu. 1441 Pali Hwy. 808.536.3556

Mixed level and Mixed styles, these classes combine reflections, breathwork, and easy flow yoga for a mindful, fun, and creative experience of balancing stretch and strength, growth and presence in the physical, mental, and spiritual body.  Modify, modify, modify for less challenge or more challenge.  Yoga is for EVERYONE!” 

Tuesday & Thursdays - 1:30-2:30p

Mixed Yoga: Mindful Yoga starting with a brief meditation to set intentions, followed by floor stretches, slow vinyasa flow, and strength-building standing and balancing poses. Finish off with deep relaxation in Savasana.  All experience levels welcomed.

Fridays 11a-12p

1st & 3rd Fridays Yin/Restorative: A slow and meditative experience of passively holding floor poses yoga that will condition the tissues to become more elastic, enhance the natural range of motion in the joints, and release deep layers of connective tissue, creating more ease in any style of yoga and healthy movement. 

2nd & 4th (&5th) Fridays Gentle Yoga: Slow, mindful, therapeutic yoga.  A more gentle & therapeutic version of Tuesday and Thursday mixed yoga to help you wind down for the weekend.  Therapy balls are incorporated.